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Daycare License Requirements for Alabama

Worker requirements : must be 19 years old and have a high school diploma or GED

Provider/child ratio

Ratio for Center Child Care
6weeks – 9 months1:4
18 months1:6
27 months1:7
4 years1:10
4-5 years1:16
6 and up1:20

All ages for family child care 1:6

The State Department of Human Resources

Child Care Services Division

50 Ripley Street

Montgomery,  Alabama   36130

Phone Number: (334) 242-1425 or (866) 528-1694

Fax:(334) 353-1491



For information on Family Day Care Homes, Family Nighttime Homes, Group Day Care Homes, Group Nighttime Homes, Call your local DHR


Child care licensing agency

Alabama Department of Human Resources

Child care services division


Fax 334-353-1491


Minimum standards for daycare centers and nighttime centers


Minimum standards for family daycare homes family nighttime homes

Alabama Child Care Associations:

Alabama Association of Licensed Early Care and Education – AALECE -

Alabama Family Child Care Association – ALFCCA –