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Daycare License Requirements for Georgia

Worker requirements

Must be at least 18 and have HS diploma or GED or 1 year experience.


Provider / Child Ratio

Age Range Ratio For Daycare Centers
6 weeks(1:6) Maximum Group Size 12
9 months(1:6) Maximum Group Size 12
18 months(1:8) Maximum Group Size 16
27 months(1:10) Maximum Group Size 20
3 years(1:15) Maximum Group Size 30
4 years(1:18) Maximum Group Size 36
5 years(1:20) Maximum Group Size 40
6 years(1:25) Maximum Group Size 50
7 years(1:25) Maximum Group Size 50
8-9 years(1:25) Maximum Group Size 50
10 years or older(1:25) Maximum Group Size 50
Ratio For Family Child Care
Number of Children Allowed:3-6 (up to 12 under13-yrs, if 6 are related toprovider, residents, orchildren for whom nocompensation is received)
Maximum Number of Children to One Provider:3 under 1-yr;6 under 3-yrs;8 under 5-yrs;
Provider’s Own Children Counted:Yes
Maximum Number of Infants/Toddlers to One Provider:3 under 1-yr
Large Family Child Care Homes
Number of Children Allowed:7-18
Ratio of Children to One Provider:6:1 for under 1 yr and under 18-mos and not walking8:1 for 1-yr-olds who walk10:1 for 2-yrs15:1 for 3-yrs18:1 for 4-yrs +
Provider’s Own Children Counted:NA
*Georgia: In large (“group”) homes mixed age ratios are determined by the age of youngest child under 3; ratios in groups with children over 3 years of age are determined by the age of the majority of children.

Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

10 Park Place South, Suite 200

Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: 404-651-7182

Fax: 404-657-8936

Hotline: 888-4GA-PREK

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Rules for family day care homes:

Rules for group day care homes:

Rules for child care learning centers:

Georgia Child Care Associations:

Georgia Child Care Association – GCCA

Georgia Association on Young Children – GAYC