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Daycare License Requirements for Washington

Worker requirements

Must be 18 years old or older and have a high school education or equivalent or child development knowledge and experience.

 Provider / Child Ratio

Age Range Ratio For Daycare Centers
School age:(1:15)
Mixed age group:ratio for youngest child in group


Age Range Ratio For Family Child Care
Infants: Providers may care for up to 12 children with a qualified assistant; provider with 1 year of experience may care for 10 children alone if none are under 5 years of age; provider with 2 years of experience, an ECE course and an assistant may care for a maximum of 4 children under 2 years of age.May have up to 12 children including provider’s own children.Must be 2 providers when there are more than 2 children under age of 2; 7 or more children are in care and any child is under age 2; or, more than 10 children of any age.


Washington Department of Social and Health Services
Economic Services Administration
Division of Child Care and Early Learning
P.O. Box 45480
Olympia, WA 98504-5480
Phone: 360-725-4665
Fax: 360-413-3482
Hotline: 866-482-4325
Web site:

Rules family child care homes
h3>Rules for child care centers

Washington Child Care Associations:

Washington State Family Child Care Association – WSFCCA