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There are many factors to consider when determining whether to start a daycare business in your home, or in a facility outside of your home. To help you get started, here are some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of a home-based daycare business. Advantages of a Home-Based Daycare Business Faster Start-Up Time: The […]

When searching for quality daycare, ask for referrals or recommendations from: Friends Family Members Coworkers Neighbors Elementary school staff Members of any church or organizations you belong to If the above contacts are not able to assist you, contact the Licensing Agency in your State or your local Resource and Referral Agency. You can find […]

New research is suggesting babies learn to talk by watching how people speak and form words, and not just from hearing sounds. Florida scientists have discovered that starting around six months of age babies begin to shift their attention away from eye gaze and start to study peoples mouths when they talk to them. It […]

Mark A. Brandenburg, M.D It’s that time of year again when old man winter is gracing us with his frigid presence. To a paranoid ER doctor that also means it’s time to talk winter safety. One of the biggest hazards we all face is right in our own homes. Carbon monoxide (CO) is responsible for […]

One of the biggest concerns of starting a daycare is the daycare license requirements. The myths and stories surrounding these requirements can be challenging for anyone. Provider Licensing/Registration: For your child’s safety, choose a caregiver that is registered with your State Childcare Licensing Agency. This ensures that the caregiver has met the State’s requirements and […]

by Mary Sigmann  How does it feel to be the only child left behind on the day of a class trip because the permission slip was forgotten or lost? This happens in households where organization and planning are neglected. Organizational skills can be cultivated, and are best taught early. It’s much easier to teach your […]