Monthly Archives: May 2014

The best daycare workplaces embrace employee engagement that is driven by trust, resulting in both a profitable business and a great place to work, according to a new study. One good method of creating a positive work environment is to pay greater attention to new workers. Employees who get more attention from their employers in […]

Sometimes kids can be fun to travel with but they can also be very troublesome, being mischievous and also naturally inquisitive in regards to the various things they encounter while traveling. It is therefore their guardians’ responsibility to make sure that the child they are traveling with is secure in their position. Small children are […]

Making sure that a project stays on track, sometimes in the face of continual additions and requests for changes can be the greatest challenge faced by a project manager. If expectations have not been properly set from the very beginning with the client, the team and senior management, and there are no strategies in place […]

Working long hours, fulfilling civic commitments and keeping up with the activities of our children can take its toll and every so often everyone hits the wall. When this happens, it can sometimes feel like a hopeless task to try and find our creativity again. The good news is while our creativity may occasionally get […]

Busy parents frequently have to leave their children home alone for a few hours after school—and they worry about their kids’ safety. Here are some guidelines for protecting them when you’re still at work: • Don’t make rules for every moment. Set rules only for the really important things: not letting strangers into the house, […]