Monthly Archives: June 2014

The current guidelines suggesting that people should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day are inadequate, according to some health experts. They believe that the number should be raised to a minimum of seven or even ten portions per day in the wake of new research that shows eating large amounts of fruits […]

A lot of people starting a new company are operating under the illusion that their brand strategy is covered solely by having a great logo and visual identity. The reality however is that your brand should be so much more than a logo. A brand needs to be your core essence, story and promise. A […]

It is vital for any family to have a fire safety plan for their home. Fires can spread in a matter of mere minutes, completely filling a home with deadly smoke. Families need to both plan out a fire escape route and then practice it. One good tip is to draw a map which shows […]

Balancing work and life makes it even more difficult to achieve fitness goals and stay on top of your health. Joint and muscle soreness, inactivity and improper nutrition are extra challenges as well, but there are ways to overcome them and make sure you keep living an active and healthy lifestyle. One good tip is […]