Monthly Archives: July 2014

It can be difficult for students to maintain organization of their work over the course of the school year. With so many tests, projects and assignments, it is far too easy for some things to get mislaid in all of the chaos and without proper maintenance these losses can end up turning into catastrophic situations. […]

Healthy eating is a crucial part of overall good health and there are some helpful nutrition tips for those people who would like to make it a priority to “eat clean.” One good tip is to eat more vegetables. Green veggies in particular are low on calories but very high in fiber and vitamins. You […]

Regular visits to the doctor and dentist are important to maintaining good health, but long waiting times in the office can make your appointment an exercise in frustration. A 2010 study found that the average patient waits 24 minutes to see a doctor, and obviously many of us wait longer even when we arrive at […]

In the world of non-profit organizations it is not rare for just one person to get assigned the social media duties for the whole company. They may also have dozens of other demands to deal with that have nothing to do with public relations so they will probably need all the help they can get […]