Monthly Archives: August 2014

If you are the parent of a teenage or older child, you might not worry about their everyday medical needs quite as much as you did when they were younger, but older children still depend on you particularly when it involves emotional health and wellbeing. Romantic situations, life changes, exposure to alcohol and drugs and […]

Nothing seems more annoying than a whining child, even when it’s your own kid. Here are some methods for cutting down on the turmoil—and maybe ending the whining for good:   Teach them appropriate behavior. When children whine, tell them to ask for what they want without tears or hysterics. Then teach them how to […]

Teenagers who use sports and energy drinks on a regular basis are more likely to indulge in unhealthy behaviors, new research suggests. Young adults that consume energy drinks are much more likely to smoke as well as drink alcohol and consume illicit substances. The study, which was published in the Journal of Nutrition, Education and […]

Pets offer us love and companionship. Unfortunately, they also offer allergies to about 10 percent of the population. If getting rid of your cat, dog, or guinea pig isn’t an option, try these tactics for keeping allergic reactions under control: First, get tested. If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms—sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, etc.—visit […]

Work-life balance can sometimes be an emotional and psychological matter. One person’s murderous schedule can be normal and healthy to another, depending on their personal beliefs and thoughts. It is important to keep a few mantras in mind to make sure that your balance between work and life does not get thrown out of whack. […]

Everyone wants to learn something at one time or another, but not everybody is always aware of the best ways to learn and memorize. Today, however, researchers are making more and more breakthroughs when it comes to discovering better methods for helping people to learn and retain information. One good tip is that re-reading the […]