Monthly Archives: September 2014

You can’t accomplish ambitious goals without the right kind of information—and the right amount of it. Be careful not to get buried in data that’s irrelevant. To become a conscientious consumer of news and information, follow this advice:   Don’t read everything. You simply can’t absorb everything that’s out there. Concentrate on prioritizing data, handing […]

Management is never easy, especially when you find yourself dealing with people who are very difficult to manage. Some people can be aggressive, while others are actually not aggressive enough; likewise some people can be very talented but bad at collaboration while others are excellent at collaborating but lack much in the way of genuine […]

It can be both easy and fun to teach children about finances. Learning about money helps children to also learn how to be generous, responsible and aware of their spending decisions. It is never too early to start teaching your kids about finances in your family. Children who understand what is required to be able […]

A scientific review has found that childhood vaccines are safe and do not cause autism. Vaccines can cause some side effects but cancer, food allergies and autism are not among them, despite the allegations of a growing anti-vaccine movement. The authors of the study found that while there have been a rarity of serious adverse […]

A year or so ago over a third of twelve to seventeen year old Americans had smartphones – a rise of twenty three percent from 2011 – with a massive seventy eight percent having some kind of mobile phone, according to the Pew Internet Project. Mobile phones are also how young people tend to access […]

Sea pigs are in reality a form of sea cucumber. They are echinoderms, marine animals that include the likes of starfish and sea urchins. Sea pigs are found in oceans all over the world and in some areas actually make up over ninety five percent of the weight of all the animals that can be […]