Each day, millions of women search for a home-based business that not only meets their needs, but that of their family. Many of these women overlook Home Daycare as an option because of the myths regarding this challenging, yet rewarding home-based business.

Myth #1 Home Daycare is Babysitting

For those who deem offering childcare as merely babysitting, think again. Childcare is a business, that requires the owner/operator to: set rules and polices; organize their day; create a business plan; use written contracts, authorizations and agreements; offer activities, a nurturing environment, meals and meet the basic needs of the children in their care.

Myth #2 Operating a Home Daycare takes time away from the Provider’s children

Parents across the United States seek out Part-Time Care, Mother’s Day out availability, Drop-in Care, etc. The provider needs to choose a schedule and the services he/she wishes to offer and maintain those hours. Running a home daycare offers the owner, not only the ability to focus on his/her own children full-time, but also offers an invaluable service to other working parents.

Myth #3 There are no skills required for operating a Home Daycare

At a minimum, a Home Daycare Owner/Operator must possess these skills: a love for children, patience, and the ability to run a business. In addition to these skills, each state has requirements that must be met before licensing and/or registration is granted.

At a minimum, these invaluable skills include First Aid CPR, Safe Food Handling Practices, and Child Abuse Prevention, which not only enhance the provider’s ability to provide quality childcare, but also gives guidance and knowledge in rearing his or her own children.

Myth #4 Home Daycare takes too much time

Many believe that operating a Home Daycare requires the business to be in operation 24/7. A successful Home Daycare Provider will set specific hours of operation, to allow time for her family. Home Daycare can be a huge time commitment, but by using the proper tools, for organization, time management and setting specific hours of operation, the time involved is not much different than with any other home based business.

Myth #5 Home Daycare income wouldn’t replace existing salary

Many women feel “stuck” in their current position, when they would prefer to be at home with their children, for financial reasons.

Use the following scale as a guide when calculating, how much you are really contributing to your family’s income, by working outside of the home.
From your Gross monthly Income, Deduct – Daycare Expenses, Dry Cleaning, Gas, Meals, Business Clothing, Other work related expenses and Taxes, the amount left over equals your actual Net monthly income.

In most instances, your Net Income can easily be replaced with the income generated from a Home Daycare Business. Did you know the average home daycare provider makes $47,232 each year, in gross income (before expenses & taxes) (Source – Center for Family & Social Policy, 2006).

Only you can determine if the Net Income shown is keeping you from where you want to be – at home with your kids.

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