Many working moms are dreaming of a way to stay home with their young children, and still earn a solid 5-figure income but they just don’t know how to make this dream a reality. One excellent solution is to start your own home daycare business in your home. As a daycare business owner, you can use the management skills you learned in your corporate career, and structure your business to fit your lifestyle.Here are 6 reasons why starting a home-based child care business is a GREAT way to make an excellent income, and be able to stay home with your children each day:

Reason 1: The Low Cost of Starting a Daycare. Starting a daycare can be done with very little upfront funding.  Many daycares are started with less than $1,500, because you already own many of the supplies you need (since you’re a mom!). If you have a walk-out basement that’s already finished, that’s the perfect space to dedicate to your new daycare business. If not, use a spare room or your family room. Add in toys you already own, yard sale finds, donations from parents, borrowing books from the library, and you’re set to go.

Reason 2: Rapid Payback. Instantly, you can start your business tomorrow and start making cash. Enroll the child and collect the money all in one day.

Reason 3: Work at Home. This speaks for itself: no more fancy clothes, traffic jams, hassles, or angry bosses who don’t respect you. You set your own rules and limits and work out of the comfort of your own home.

Reason 4: Independence. You are now the boss and you make the rules. Do exactly — and I mean exactly — what you want. Give yourself time off when you feel like it. After you get your business up and running, you can hire a student or retiree as your assistant, and have the time you need to manage your business and personal life.

Reason 5: Business Owners Earn More Money Than Employees. That’s a simple fact. The daycare business is a legitimate business, not some pie in the sky idea. It’s not an MLM, networking, or pyramid scheme. The straightforward truth is daycare owners can make more money than many college educated professionals.  In fact, recent studies have shown that the average home daycare owner earns nearly $48,000 in revenue per year. Don’t forget to add in to your income the money you used to spend on daycare.

Reason 6: Never Miss a “First Moment” of Your Child’s Development. You can stay home with your children and watch them grow and experience every little milestone that they accomplish, instead of being at work and missing those incredible “firsts”!

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