Excerpted from The Daycare Success System Workbook

 Step 1: Interview parents by phone prior to setting up a home interview.

This provides you with the opportunity to find out what they are looking for in a daycare provider. It also gives you vital information about the parents, before you invite them into your home. Keep in mind that not only are the parents interviewing you, but you are also interviewing them. You need to make sure that the parent sitting before you, is someone you can work with comfortably on a day to day basis.

Step 2: Set a date and time for the Home Interview
If you feel comfortable with the Phone Interview, set up a time for the parents to interview in your home, during your hours of operation. Let the parents know ahead of time, that the interview needs to last no more than 30 minutes, so you can tend to the needs of your other daycare children. They can always return for a second visit, if necessary. Call them to remind them of the interview date and time the night before if the appointment is set several days in advance.

Step 4: Encourage Parents to bring their children to the Interview
This will allow you to see how their children interact with those in your care and gives the parents an opportunity to see how you interact with their children.

Step 5: Conduct yourself in a professional manner
Make sure that your home is clean, activity areas are in order and that your appearance is neat. Have all forms available at the Interview for review and signatures if needed. Listen to the parents needs and concerns, addressing them accordingly. Thoroughly explain all Daycare Business forms and policies in detail, so they know what to expect, should they choose you as a caregiver. Show them when and where Attendance Records will be maintained daily, and their responsibility to sign in and out.

Step 6: Follow Up
At the end of the interview, ask the parents when they will be making a decision. If you don’t here from them within 24 hours of their decision date, call them to follow up.

If at anytime during the interview process you become uncomfortable, then refuse to provide care. It will be very tempting, especially when you are first opening your doors, to take every child that needs care. Unfortunately, you will not be able to provide care for everyone that calls, or for everyone that you interview.