Working at home with your own children as a family daycare provider offers many rewards and challenges. Having a positive attitude and operating a home daycare in a business-like manner plays a major role in the success you may or may not experience.

Your attitude can greatly affect how you act or react to the challenges you may encounter while caring for other children in your home.

Simply talking to your children or daycare children and being creative in how you handle certain behaviors or situations, allows you the opportunity to deal with those instances as they occur. Quite often, you can turn an unpleasant situation into something that is laughable or at least manageable.

It is imperative that your children feel special and loved. They need to know that even though they share you with other children during “Daycare hours” you love them and are available when they need you.

One great tip is to signal to your children when mom’s in “work mode” by wearing a special apron, visor, hat, or other clothing item with the name of your daycare & a cute logo. When you put your apron or visor on, it means the work day has started. Parents will also take you more seriously, and your kids will know it’s time to follow the daycare rules.

Following a daily schedule and being organized should allow the time needed to complete the necessary tasks of maintaining a home and running a business, while making quality time for your own children.

Enforcing strict hours of operation for daycare parents should reduce the number of early and late arrivals, which can greatly impact your family life and your children’s behavior.

It’s also important when you spend so much time at home, as a mother, provider and wife to make time for you as a person. Make a point to get out of the house every other night, if not every night. Go for a walk, go to the mall, the library, take a class, do whatever it takes to get away from the house on a regular basis and focus on you.

Scheduling ample “time off” not only for yourself but for your family to attend school functions, vacations and doctor appointments is also an essential element of providing home daycare. This allows you time to refresh yourself and spend more quality time with your family.