You may be familiar with the Childcare Resource & Referral Agency in your area, but do you know how to use them most effectively?

Your local CCR&R exists to provide child care providers the following services.

  • Grant money. Many local foundations and government programs are funneled through the CCR&R, and they often have someone on staff to help you take the steps to apply for these grants.
  • Local training.  This is usually the TOP mission of the CCR&R—to ensure that you and your staff are properly trained in child care.  Most CCR&Rs offer low-cost trainings, and work with the state to help you meet the state’s licensing requirements.  They also often offer ongoing quality-enhancement training classes.
  • Marketing referrals.  Make sure you are on your CCR&R’s list of qualified child care homes or centers, so they can send leads to you of interested parents.  It’s FREE to you and often a great source of new enrollments.
  • Webinars (web-based training).  The CCR&Rs are managed at the national level by NACCRRA (the National Association of Child Care & Resource Referral Agencies).  NACCRRA is starting to offer webinars to parents, on topics such as what key criteria to look for in a quality child care facility, and how to better support children for learning and development.

Last week, NACCRRA held a webinar advising parents on what to look for when CHOOSING child care.  You should be aware of what NACCRRA advises, so you can communicate your key benefits to prospective parents.  You can even position yourself as the expert by saying something like, “NACCRRA advises parents to look for these 5 key things when choosing child care.  Here is how my center meets all 5 criteria.”