A very rewarding career change for anyone wanting to stay home with their children is to start a daycare. No matter what your current career field is you can quickly and easily start a new career in child care. And if done right you can be up and running and full of kids in less than a month.Depending on how much time, effort and money you want to put into starting a daycare you have three basic formulas to choose from.

  1. 1. Starting an in-home daycare. This is the quickest and easiest, especially if you are already taking care of your own kids at home. With a few simple changes to how you go about your day you will be able to start taking kids into your home. One of the best parts about home daycare is most states do not require you to be licensed if you only have a couple of children. Take a look at the requirements for all 50 states to get an idea of what you need. A great resource if you want to do this is the daycare success system.
  2. 2. Starting an in-home preschool. The big difference here is the age of the kids in your house and the schedule. Preschools are for older children and often only run for a couple hours a day. Because you are not dealing with infants less household changes will need to be made. Some great help with open a preschool can be found at Start a Preschool.
  3. 3. Start a daycare center. This is the most involved of the three but also the option with the greatest long term potential. Daycare centers are set up away from you house generally in their own building or a part of a church or other building. These centers are larger and often have a staff of 3 or more people. But the best part about starting a daycare center is you can sell it when the time comes to retire. This is a great advantage the other two paths do not offer. To see a great resource of creating a successful child care center take a look at the Child Care Marketing Toolkit.

Dealing with children and helping them to grow into great people is a very rewarding and enjoyable career for the right person. Some other points to consider before changing careers onto daycare are:

  • How do you feel about dealing with other people kids?
  • How much money do you need to make?
  • Is this a short term or long term career for you?
  • Do you want to be licensed?
  • How big do you want this career to become for you?
  • How will you kids handle sharing you?
  • Where would you put your daycare?
  • Do you take a lot of vacations or sick days?

As with every career change there is no right or wrong answers just make sure you have done your homework and know what’s involved in your new career. The Definitive Guide to How to Change Careers contains checklists and questions you should complete before changing career.