Yes No
? ? Do the children receive the individual attention,
warmth and understanding that you would like
for your child?
? ? Are the children encouraged to make friends with
other children?
? ? Are the children happy as they play and talk to
one another and the caregivers?
? ? Do caregivers recognize when a child is sad,
upset or excited?
? ? Is an effort made to listen to and answer
children’s questions in ways they understand?
? ? Is discipline handled in a positive manner?
? ? Do caregivers supervise the children at all times
including during naptime?
? ? If the child does not fall asleep during naptime is
the child engaged in a quiet activity?
? ? Do you sense that the caregiver feels good about
being with children, and has a sense of humor
and enthusiasm?
? ? Does the caregiver have professional training in
child care development?


Yes No
? ? Do the ratios meet the following required
Infants 1:5 or 2:11
1 yr olds 1:6 or 2:13
2 yr olds 1:8
3 yr olds 1:13
4 yr olds 1:15
5 yr olds 1:20
School Age 1:20
Small Group Home 1:5 (15 max., 10 for


Yes No
? ? Do the caregivers allow the children to engage in
activities by themselves and with other children?
? ? Is the space arranged so that children are able to
freely select materials according to their own
interests and abilities, and return them when they
are finished?
? ? Do you hear caregivers in the program giving
praise and encouragement to children to enhance
their self-confidence?
? ? As you see children participating in the program,
do they seem to be enjoying the activities?
? ? Do the caregivers help the children learn through
a variety of activities?
? ? Is the program well supplied with equipment and
supplies, such as books, games, blocks and other
manipulative toys and creative art materials?
? ? Are the activity areas neat, clean and attractively
? ? Are there spaces for active and quiet play?
? ? Are cultural activities planned?


Yes No
? ? Are sanitary arrangements made for diaper
changing procedures?
? ? Is the area for program activities well lit,
ventilated, and free from odors?
? ? Are the indoor and outdoor spaces for children
safe and free of hazards? For example: Radiators
covered, stairways protected, windows protected,
electrical outlets covered with safety caps,
outdoor space fenced and free from debris,
broken glass, etc.
? ? Are heavy pieces of furniture, such as storage
shelves and bookcases, secure and stable so that
they cannot tip over?
? ? Are emergency fire drill and evacuation procedures
posted in a conspicuous place in each room?
? ? Are toys and equipment clean and in good repair?
For example: Free from sharp edges, splinters,
paint chips and loose parts.
? ? Are cleaning supplies locked?
? ? Is a written emergency record kept for each child?
? ? Are there background checks on all caregivers?
? ? Are first aid supplies readily available and does at
least one person have current first aid and CPR
? ? Are there written procedures to release your child
to another person?
? ? Are there written procedures to follow when a
child becomes sick?
? ? Are sick children kept separate from the other
? ? Are the meals and snacks:
– Nutritious and attractive?
– Inclusive of food items reflecting the
children’s age and cultural background?
– Suitable to meet the needs of children on
special diets?
? ? Is the area clean that is used for food preparation
and eating?
? ? Do the caregivers eat with the children?
? ? Can children reach the toilet and sink easily and
? ? Is the facility accessible and usable by