Working long hours, fulfilling civic commitments and keeping up with the activities of our children can take its toll and every so often everyone hits the wall. When this happens, it can sometimes feel like a hopeless task to try and find our creativity again.
The good news is while our creativity may occasionally get tired, it never really goes away and you crank it back up again by following a few simple pieces of advice.

One good tip that has been proven to induce creativity is to journal your thoughts. Let the words flow completely naturally without trying to make them perfect and just see where your pen can take you.

Another good tip is to read inspiring quotes. Other people’s words can fire you up creatively and beautiful poetry or inspirational quotes can trigger your thought processes and maybe even deliver you to somewhere completely unexpected.

Even looking up new words can have an impact on your creativity. Look up the meaning of unfamiliar words too as either the definition or just the word itself can lead to inspiration.