I was running errands today and passed by this local childcare center with this sign up in front of the center.  I had to stop and take a picture of it because they are doing some very important things right that you should be doing, too.

  • This is on a major road that ties my residential community to the business section of town so parents are driving by this sign all day long.  If you didn’t know this was a child care center by the name, you’d definitely know it out now based on this sign.
  • This sign is marketing to both current and prospective parents.  It reminds currently enrolled parents of what is coming and why they use this school.  But it also markets to new parents by letting them know what they could be a part of if they enrolled here.
  • It shows the location of the child care center is good.  When given a choice it is best to place your center where it will be seen often and by the right type of people.  If you can’t be in the optimal location, you can still use signs like this to drive traffic.  Make an arrangement with the home owner on the corner to allow you to place a sign for special events.
  • It enters the conversation in everyone’s head.  Parents of young children are always looking for Halloween activities suitable for them, and safe.  This daycare center is entering into that conversation already taking place in the minds of parents, and inserting them as a great option.
  • After this event is over, you can continue to get marketing “traction” from the event.
    • Send a press release to your local papers with pictures of the event.  Fun news with lots of personality tends to boost your word of mouth among all the parents in town.
    • Create your own press release flyer and send it home for parents to read.
    • Send copies of the newspaper article to all of your current prospects just in case they missed the paper.
    • If you’re tied in with other organizations (church, business) make sure they include this event in their newsletter.
    • Get pictures and a recap up on your web site and/or in your monthly newsletter.

I know this may sound like a lot just from one sign, but it’s really not.  Always use all the tools in your arsenal, including signage, to help market your child care center.