Why should you consider providing a background check on yourself and/or your staff to your parent-clients?

Well, put yourself in a parent’s shoes.  You are a new parent, trying to choose a home daycare provider.  You have 2 great options, let’s call them Provider A and Provider B, and you’re having a tough time making a decision.

Provider A , however, has made available to you her personal background check, so you have all the details about her history, and you feel confident & relieved to know that she has no troubling items in her past.  Provider B has not provided this to you.

So who are you more likely to choose?

There’s a good company called Child Care Background Research Corp., who can provide you with your own background check for just $129.

Their web site is:


While the $129 fee is a bit higher than some of the others you might find on the web, it’s the most thorough check available.  Here are all the things they check:

  • National, Regional, State, and County criminal records
  • Driving history—DMV records
  • Maiden & married names—no extra charge
  • Sexual offender status
  • Address trace
  • Education verification

As the person being checked, you can request that certain items are left off the report, such as your Social Security Number.

Providing a background check on yourself (and staff, if you have them)  is an excellent way to stand out from your competition and win more clients.