I’m a NUT about direct response advertising, compared to traditional “brand” advertising, especially for daycare  businesses.  So exactly why is direct response so much better?

Well, there are 2 main reasons why.  The first reason is, direct response is 100% MEASURABLE, whereas regular brand advertising is not.  The second reason is, direct response is a great way to get new prospects to contact you, and build a list of people interested in your programs and services.  Regular brand ads just don’t do this as well.

So what ‘s the difference between the two, anyway?  Well, simply put, a direct response ad includes a unique phone number, URL, or offer that invites the reader or viewer to take action based on the OFFER in the ad itself.  A typical brand ad just creates “impressions” or buzz about the product, but doesn’t present an offer for the prospect to take an action.

One of the most targeted ways to use direct response is through direct mail.  The reason direct mail is so targeted is the ability to purchase lists of potential recipients of your message based on all sorts of factors: where they live, ages of kids, income, what magazines they subscribe to, and MANY other factors.

For example, if you want to fill up your infant room with new enrollments, you can literally get a list of expectant mothers and moms with infants in your town.

One of the core principles I teach is the formula you must use to get the BEST possible response from your direct response ads or mailers.  The formula consists of the 8 KEY THINGS you need to have in your ad or mailer: