1. Headline: an attention-grabbing statement at the top of your letter or ad
  2. Offer: a compelling reason for the prospect to take action
  3. Deadline: a specific date that the offer expires
  4. Testimonial(s): quotes from your customers on why they love you, including the customers name & town
  5. Benefits: how you are going to make your prospect’s life better
  6. USP: what makes you UNIQUE and different than all your competitors
  7. Guarantee: a service or product guarantee
  8. Unique measurement tracking: a way to track the exact # of prospects who called or enrolled due to that ad, flyer, or mailing

When your daycare marketing materials include all eight of these key items you will find you get amazing results.  You will find your phone starts to ring more, and enrollments increase.

As a side benefit of being able to measure and track your marketing efforts you will quickly be able to see what is working great and what could use some improvements.  This measuring and tracking that you can do with direct response advertising is a hidden secret to great results with all your daycare marketing and enrollment building efforts.