Eating RightBalancing work and life makes it even more difficult to achieve fitness goals and stay on top of your health. Joint and muscle soreness, inactivity and improper nutrition are extra challenges as well, but there are ways to overcome them and make sure you keep living an active and healthy lifestyle.

One good tip is to take a multivitamin every day and to make sure that you limit the consumption of packaged or processed foods by creating meals that last. Cooking three chicken breasts rather than one is a good idea; one can be added to a salad, another used in a wrap or a sandwich, and the third with a side of steamed vegetables.

It is also important to snack smartly. Choose items such as Greek yogurt, almonds, vegetables, hardboiled eggs, cottage cheese and seeds. Avoid 100 calorie packs and granola bars and instead go for prewashed, cut fruit and vegetables and a prepared bags of seeds and mixed nuts.

You should also choose exercises that maintain fitness while avoiding strain on your back or joints.