When searching for quality daycare, ask for referrals or recommendations from:

  • Friends
  • Family Members
  • Coworkers
  • Neighbors
  • Elementary school staff
  • Members of any church or organizations you belong to

If the above contacts are not able to assist you, contact the Licensing Agency in your State or your local Resource and Referral Agency. You can find your local Child Care Resource & Referral agency (CCR&R) by going to www.childcareaware.org.

Keep in mind that just because a Provider is licensed, registered or certified, does not mean they are Quality Caregivers. It’s up to you as a parent to seek out the appropriate provider that offers the type of quality care you are seeking.

Ask yourself the following questions, before interviewing any providers:

  • What type of environment do you want for your children?
  • How many other children do you want in your child’s group?
  • Do you want your child in a mixed age group of children or in a group of children their own age?
  • Is home daycare or center based care the best option for your child?
  • What activities do you want available to your child on a daily basis?
  • How much of a commute time do you want between your child care giver and your place of employment?
  • What rules and policies would you like to see a provider offer regarding illness, discipline and safety?
  • What type of experience or training would you like a provider to have?

If the provider is new to the industry, ask for personal and past employer references. Create a list of questions to ask the references, regarding the character and demeanor of the provider.