Fire SafetyIt is vital for any family to have a fire safety plan for their home. Fires can spread in a matter of mere minutes, completely filling a home with deadly smoke. Families need to both plan out a fire escape route and then practice it.

One good tip is to draw a map which shows escape routes via windows and doors and it is crucial to prepare two escape routes in the event of a fire blocking one of them. If smoke has already filled out your home by the time you become aware of the fire, you should get down as low as possible and crawl very quickly to the nearest exit, closing doors behind you as you go.

Family members should be gathered outside the home at a pre-planned meeting place. Stay outside and do not venture back inside the home for jewelry or for any other reasons. No object is worth risking your life for.

Children need to be taught the appropriate way to respond to a smoke alarm as well as how they should react to a fire. All family members should know the emergency number for your local fire department.