As you are striving to open the doors of your daycare business, or improving your existing business, one of the big KEYS to enrollment success is your first impression with prospective client families.

Let’s talk about some if the most important elements of your “first impression”.  For each area, I’ll provide some hot tips on how to make your center stand out and make an awesome first impression.  The result of your efforts will be higher enrollment and a higher “stick rate” of people in your facility.

I recommend that you ask a non-employee friend to act as a “mystery shopper” and have them walk through the tour / enrollment process, and make notes on the following elements of the experience.


  • Your Phone: Was the phone answered in a professional and courteous manner?  Does the center sound friendly and fun?  Are you keeping records of your inquiry calls and doing follow up?
  • Your Website: Is your web address on all promotional materials?  Is your website updated regularly?  Have you Googled your center lately to see what comes up?
  • Your Curb Appeal: Is your sign clearly visible and in good repair?  Is your landscaping updated, maintained, and neat?  Is your playground in good repair and free of debris?  Are the exteriors and fences free of debris and peeling paint?
  • Your Entrance: Is your entrance welcoming?  Is it neat and organized?  Is there a place for people to sit?  Is there music playing?  How does it smell? Are there activities for kids while they wait?
  • Your Receptionist / Front Desk (if applicable): Is the person at your front desk friendly & well-groomed?  Is he or she a “people person”?  Can she stay calm while handling multiple tasks?  Is there a guest book?