I would like to talk to you about professionalism and why it’s a core strategy for a successful and profitable daycare business.

Because each daycare provider is unique, understanding what it takes to be a daycare professional can be difficult.  The specifics will change.  For example, while a theme-based curriculum may work great for you, another provider may flourish with a more flexible approach.  However, there are 3 main goals that apply to every child care provider on a journey towards professionalism:

1) Showing off your strengths. Don’t hide them as most daycares do, take the time to show them off.  Make sure parents know and understand your strengths.

2) Continuing to improve on your weaknesses.  If you are weak in an area, like marketing, devote a part of your time each week to improving. In no time you will begin to feel like an expert.

3) Portraying 110% confidence at all times.  Would you want to leave your child with someone who wasn’t sure what to do?  If not then you must show parents the confidence you would want when they tour your daycare.

Even though each daycare provider is unique, there are common qualities that all professional providers share.  By striving to obtain these qualities, you will soon be among them (if you aren’t already).

  • Conveys a confident attitude
  • Maintains a polished personal appearance
  • Runs a high-quality program for children
  • Uses professional business practices
  • Sets goals for improvement

Why is it important to portray a professional image?  You may think it seems like a lot of work, but you’re skeptical of the pay-off.  Well, the benefits of professionalism are many.  Here are some of the main benefits: