Three-day weekends like Labor Day or President’s Day can be relaxing and fun. Then comes Tuesday—back to the grind. Your return to work doesn’t have to be excruciating, though. Follow these tips from a recent Time magazine article to get back into the swing of things without undue trauma:


  • Show up early. Get a jump on the day by coming to work a little earlier than usual. You’ll feel less rushed and stressed as you gear up for the week. Spend a few minutes putting together a to-do list that organizes your activities and puts you back in control of your time.


  • Hold off on email. Confronting a backlog of messages will generally make you feel overwhelmed. Check for urgent signals, but don’t start answering emails until you’ve made progress on your priorities.


  • Jump right in. Don’t waste time rehashing the holiday with your co-workers. Get right to work on a top project or priority so that when you take a break, you’ve got something constructive to show for your first few hours back. Save weekend stories for lunchtime.


  • Plan for the next time. When your next three-day weekend approaches, spend a few minutes on Friday afternoon setting a schedule for your return. You’ll be able to hit the ground running with confidence.