The age-old child’s slumber party creates some great memories for kids, but as a parent you soon become aware that a lot of time and effort has to go into these seemingly carefree extravaganzas. Fortunately there are some helpful tips to follow to make sure you keep your sanity while your child still has a memorable sleepover.

You need to control the numbers of kids allowed at the sleepover and make sure you have talked to all of the parents involved. Go over the house rules with all of the children and plan a menu for them. Put the phones away. You also need to make sure they have some kind of activity to participate in to ensure they can keep themselves entertained without getting up to too much mischief. However it is also important to avoid going overboard with adult supervision – kids need to be given their space during a sleepover so that they can create a memorable bonding experience without too much adult interference.