Daycare Business ManagerOne of the most important and underrated management tips is to be a daycare manager who actually cares about your staff. In this day and age there seems to be a great deal of pressure to be ruthless and uncaring but being empathetic and caring is much more likely to make you a better manager, not to mention gain the respect, loyalty and trust of those who work for you.

Good management is all about deep personal relationships. Managers should be encouraged to get to know their employees as actual human beings, both in terms of their past; their values, motivations, history – and their future – ambitions, goals, aims – and then use that knowledge to forge a greater connection between them and their work.

Being a caring manager also means giving plain feedback, even if it is negative. There is nothing worse than a manager who wants to avoid offence giving feedback that is wishy-washy and unclear; if there is a real problem that the employee genuinely does not know about, it is far better to deal with it straight on than to fudge the issue with indirect feedback and potentially leave the employee still unclear as to what it is they are supposedly doing wrong.