With both set of parents usually holding down a job, it isn’t surprising that daycare facilities are becoming more popular. As a business, opting to open a daycare would definitely be a good idea, especially if the market promises to be good.

 Check your Credentials

Aspiring owners should first consider if they are capable of taking care of children, especially if they will be part of the staff. Child care requires that the person is adept in both First Aid and CPR.  A background check would also be essential as a precaution against pedophiles. These credentials aren’t just applicable to the owner but also every staff connected with the day care business.

 Apply for a License

Different states have different requirements to open a daycare center. Make sure to contact the local business administration in the area to find out if any other demands must be met. Note that the application process is typically strict considering the nature of the business. It could also vary depending on the age of the children that would be cared for by the business.

Ready the Center

The center should provide enough space for the children to play and sleep in. Safety is the utmost importance in cases like these especially if the center would be catering to toddlers. Pad the floor with something soft and lock all the exits and put railings to stairs. Electrical sockets and wires should also be hidden from view. A clean and separate nap place is also important and should provide enough room for the children to comfortably rest in.

Start Small

The best way to start a center is by renovating a part of the home to serve as the children’s domain. Ideally, a daycare center should start small, perhaps taking care of no more than ten children at a time. Note that the state requires a ratio of one staff for every 3 infants in a facility. For toddlers, one staff for every seven of them would be enough.