Here are some ideas and tips for creating a professional atmosphere in any daycare.

–  Use professional tools & language to create an atmosphere that parents will be impressed with.   These can include:

  • Wardrobe & appearance: use an article of clothing such as an apron, shirt, or visor with you logo on it to signal to your kids that the day has begun and you are in “daycare” mode.
  • Entryway: in addition to cubbies and hooks for the children, provide a parent communication board and mail slot for checks and papers from parents.
  • The First Phone Call: make sure you listen closely to prospective parents for any “red flags”.  If all they are concerned with is price and late fees, move on.
  • The First Meeting: always meet with parents in the evening, and prepare them for an hour-long meeting.  Review your school philosophy, policies, procedures, and your rationale for each policy so they understand the “why” behind the policy.
  • Your Policy Handbook: this is your number one tool for laying out and enforcing your business rules.  It should contain your childcare philosophy / approach, your policies, what happens if a policy is not followed, and your rationale.