Everyone is “abuzz” about the economy and predicting what’s going to happen, and how long our slump will last.

If you’re a daycare provider, how can you benefit from the current economic situation?  This week in the Wall Street Journal and other national papers, it’s been reported that people are closely examining the amount of money they spend on child care, and trying to figure out a way to spend less.

So the current trend is to “downsize” in terms of the perceived quality of care, in order to spend less.

This means that people who had private nannies are looking at firing the nanny & moving their kids to a child care center.  People who had their kids at centers are looking to more affordable family daycare options.  And people who can no longer afford family daycare are calling Grandma or Grampa to come in and help.

How can you benefit from this trend?

If you own a family daycare, and you have openings or anticipate openings, you can start marketing to people who are currently enrolled at centers.  This is especially true if you’re a family daycare who has a curriculum / learning program with circle time, arts & crafts, etc.

If you can show that your daycare is a high quality learning environment with a superior quality of care (get some testimonials from your current customers stating this point) then you can go after parents who are looking to trim their child care budget.

So how do you go about finding these parents?  Well, you can try a local newspaper ad targeting these parents with a strong headline, or you can create flyers with the same headline and post them around town and in employee lounges and fitness center bulletin boards.  Use an attention-grabbing headline like “Save Money On Child Care Without Lowering Your Standards!”  and focus your ad or flyer on the BENEFITS to the parents & child that they will receive by enrolling with you.

Instead of complaining about the crappy economy, turn it around and discover how you can still make your business grow.