Legal Requirements to Start a Daycare

 No matter how easy it might seem to start a daycare, the fact is that the business involves a lot of responsibility. Owners will be taking care of other people’s children so this requires not only dedication and expertise but also the right environment and equipment. Even the law sees this as a highly important business which is why they enforce strict rules for those who want to open a daycare.

Licensing to Start a Day Care

Daycare is seen as a business and therefore requires a license corresponding to this fact. The requirements for licensing may vary depending on the state where the business will be put up as well as the age of the children in question. However, licensing is not always necessary if the owner is taking care of their own children or children of a close relative.

Insurance Requirements

Insurance is crucial in daycares, especially since there would be groups of highly energetic children learning and playing together. The insurance is meant to protect not only the business but the children as well in case of any medical emergencies. Liability issues with the daycare would also be covered by the insurance, sparing owners from any expenses.

Background Checks

Considering how vulnerable children are, it is important for the day care facility to make sure that they are well protected. This means that the staff should be thoroughly checked for any prior misdemeanors, crimes and personality problems that could affect their dealings with a child. The staff is also required to know about First Aid and CPR in the event of any emergencies. In some states, they should also have a minimum age limit as well as reach higher education or undergo specific trainings. The number of staff handling children at the same time should also be taken into consideration.

Room Requirements

Space requirements to start a daycare are also very specific. Owners must allot a specific area for the facility and it must correspond with the number of children they intend to take care of. There must be enough space for the children to play in as well as takes nap when needed. Even the eating area should be well defined so that children can spend the day in relative comfort.

Other Factors for Inspection

The government places very strict rules for those who want to open a daycare and would definitely inspect the facilities before allowing it to operate. Other elements that would be checked include the toys (swings, slides, arts and crafts) as well as the type of food served to the children. Potential dangers in the vicinity would also be checked including any hazardous chemicals, sharp edges or even the proximity of the daycare to other establishments. Inspection can be a continuous process depending on the authorities.

For those who want to find out more about how to start a day care, inquire at the local small business administration. They should be able to provide specifics on how to open up the business in accordance with regulation standards.