Often the little things go a long way in impressing your parents and prospects. Here are a few habits to cultivate if you want to polish your image to a bright shine:

  •  Keep your desk neat and work area. Cut back on the clutter. A clean workspace shows that you’re organized and have things under control.  Even in a home daycare you should still have a space set aside for your work.  This will also help you to get paperwork to parents quicker.
  • Be sincere and generous with compliments. Show appreciation to everyone you work with.
  • Return phone calls and emails promptly. It makes prospects and customers feel valued.  Schedule a couple of minutes during nap time every day to return calls when kids are not screaming in the background. Have your message machine set so their is an expectation of when you will return calls.  Parents will appreciate and understand.
  • Be on time. Don’t make others wait for you, or wonder where you are. Show up for work, meetings, and other commitments promptly.
  • Wash the dishes. If your organization has a group kitchen, share the duties of washing dishes, making coffee, cleaning up, and such.