Digital Daycare LearningTechnology and learning is no longer just the province of eager youth in the 21st century. When it comes to digital learning the most active group is adults. The movement is driven by the desire to gain knowledge in many personal development topics, as well as the desire to achieve self-improvement.

Fifty percent of adults in America had access to a smartphone as of January this year, with forty two percent owning a tablet computer and thirty two percent owning an e-reader, the Pew Research Internet Project says. Such digital devices give adults an astonishing amount of information that is available to them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

A key role in the rise of digital learning has been the explosive growth of video, with 183.8 million Americans watching 48.7 billion videos online in just January alone. Adults that learn better via visual media are learning to understand a wide array of topics via online video.

Take advantage of this trend and use digital learning to grow your knowledge while still in your daycare.  Take a couple of minutes at nap time and work on ECEs for marketing training.  You will be surprised how far a little knowledge will go.