unhappy-momManagement is never easy, especially when you find yourself dealing with people who are very difficult to manage. Some people can be aggressive, while others are actually not aggressive enough; likewise some people can be very talented but bad at collaboration while others are excellent at collaborating but lack much in the way of genuine talent.

One good tip is to simply accept the fact that management is always going to be difficult and complicated. Do not try to fight it or become frustrated and just try to approach any delicate issues with employees as though it were a puzzle that needs to be solved.

Another important tip is to deal with conflict directly and even-handedly rather than ignoring it or trying to bulldoze your way through it. You are, after all, going to have to carry on working with these people later on, so looking for resolutions that are constructive and fair is an infinitely better idea than just forcing your authority onto others. Try to see the issues through the eyes of the employees concerned.