buy-timeWork-life balance can sometimes be an emotional and psychological matter. One person’s murderous schedule can be normal and healthy to another, depending on their personal beliefs and thoughts. It is important to keep a few mantras in mind to make sure that your balance between work and life does not get thrown out of whack.

One mantra to remember is that working well does not have to mean working more. Some people hide behind the label of being constantly “busy” in the hope that that means they are really getting things done, but working more efficiently, learning how to prioritize and reveling in the creative and energy boost you receive from taking a break now and again is far more important, not to mention healthier.

All too often we hear daycare owners tell us they are too busy to market, yet when we look at their schedule we find they have plenty of time IF they used it wisely.  Learn to break up marketing tasks into small ten minute project that can easily be done over nap times or when their is a small break.

Another mantra to keep in mind is that it is up to you to find your happy work/life balance. Whether your child has a ridiculous schedule when it comes to extracurricular activities, or your boss is absurdly over-demanding, in the end it is up to you what you are willing to put up with and if something really is transgressing your personal boundaries then you need to learn to stand up and say no.