I came across a somewhat scary article a couple of days ago.

“For the approximately 850 licensed early care and education programs across Wyoming, Child Care Finder provides free marketing and referrals to parents, enabling child care providers to meet the needs of children and families in their geographical area. Without Child Care Finder services to refer parents and guardians seeking care to child care providers, many child care providers may be forced to consider closing their businesses as marketing is a business expense which many child care providers simply can’t afford.”

You can find the full article here: Article

What really scares me is the risk of quality daycares closing because they don’t have a good marketing program set up.  Good marketing can be done very cheaply so doesn’t really require a lot of money.

Also understand new customers are a must with daycare.  Although the life time customer value is very high for this industry, kids do grow up, so will at some point leave you.  This means you MUST be always working to find new customers.

When done right marketing is the life blood of your daycare.  You will find you can learn simple marketing techniques very quickly and the results will give you great ideas