Children need lots of love and attention and every daycare facility’s goal is to provide this in lieu of the parents. This is why people who want to open a daycare must be well prepared for the service, providing their charges with everything necessary to keep them comfortable and safe while keeping them mentally stimulated. This can be done through an excellent staff, a good management plan and of course, the right materials close at hand.

Art Materials

Crayons, papers, glue, child-safe scissors, clay and various other art materials should be kept ready at all times. Art time is something that daycare facilities should encourage to develop the creativity of the children. Note however that some art materials might prove dangerous when ingested which is why children should be thoroughly supervised during this time.

Age Appropriate Toys

The toys should be free of small parts that could prove as choking hazards. Some of the most common toys found in daycare facilities include Lego, puzzles, fire trucks and dolls. Ideally though, the daycare should be able to provide toys that are educational or would help hone the child’s skills and talents. A good example of these would be musical toys, perhaps encouraging children to sing or conduct concerts during playtime.

Play Area – Swings and Crawling Spaces

Art and toys aren’t enough considering the amount of energy children have. Before trying to open a daycare, owners should first make sure that there is ample space for a make shift playground. Ideally, this should contain slides, swings, tunnels, climbing area and other facilities that would keep an energetic child satisfied. Note that the play area should be free o sharp edges or any loose parts.

Beds and Cots

Provide the children with a comfortable sleeping area with proper padding to keep them protected. Note that the bed area should be separate from the rest of the room and kept clean at all times.