Work can become a stressful place when basic etiquette is not followed by teachers and directors. Office etiquette is of vital importance due to the fact that bad manners are also bad for business, having a negative impact on employee productivity and morale.

Poor manners also reflect badly on your school when parents see them.  This is one of the main reasons parents note for being unhappy with a child care program.

All employees need to demonstrate good manners. You should not show up to work when you are genuinely sick. Punctuality is important and if you are running late, try to have meetings scheduled in forty five minute increments in order to make sure you have plenty of time to get to the next one.

Meetings should be kept to the scheduled time limit. The next group should not be forced to stand in the conference room because they are waiting for your group to leave.

Cell phones should be placed on vibrate in order to avoid disturbing other people, and you should pay attention and avoid multi-tasking such as checking emails during meetings. Lunch should be eaten in the break room or the cafeteria and not at your desk.