Pictures are one of the greatest ways to reinforce your value to parents.  No matter the size of your child care center, you should be taking photos and using them to promote your business, both to current clientele as well as prospects.

Today I got the proof pictures from my daughter’s child care class photos. I’m just in love with these photos.  These pictures will be going out to family for the holidays and great simple inexpensive gifts.  And it is not just me, I’m sure the other parents will be doing the same thing.


Promote daycare business with photosPortraits are a great benefit you can offer.  It doesn’t matter the size of your daycare, you should be able to get something set up for a picture day.  If you’re a small home daycare think about contacting the local college to find a top student, they may even do it as a project, or look for wedding photographers in the off season, they may do it to keep busy.

Everybody loves seeing their little boys and girls all dressed up in a photograph for years to come.  And doing it at your daycare saves the family the trouble of going to a portrait studio in the mall and will probably be cheaper for them too. What a great way to make parents happy and willing to refer your center to their friends, family, and co-workers.

Action Shots

Taking pictures goes beyond portraits.  Think about taking pictures of the fun things your kids are doing.  Here’s a picture of my daughter with what started as finger painting. She loves to get into whatever she does. I just love this picture, it’s framed in hallway. This picture was just taken by the daycare staff and emailed to me.

These pictures weren’t just sent to me, other parents get similar pictures when fun stuff happens.  It allows parents to connect with their kids, and show them off.

An inexpensive digital camera from Wal-Mart should cost you less than $50.  That’s nothing when you look at what it will earn you: great reviews, referrals, great enrollment Plus you will likely be able to deduct the cost of the camera as an operating expense.

Daily Pictures

Art ClassParents love to see how their kids are doing at daycare.  Before now it’s been hard, the portraits, and maybe some fun shots now and then.  But the internet is changing that fast.  With the growth of cheap small digital web cam and high speed Internet connection you can now broadcast your days to all parents.  The best example of this is a service called Share In My Day.  With this service, everything is set up for you and parents are given a login and password to access the daycare’s online webcam from anywhere, anytime.  They can check in and see what’s happening and watch the fun.  This is a new technology and everywhere it goes in, parents just rave about it.  Could you do something like this for your parents?

Parents just love getting pictures of their kids.  When you find unique and special ways to give them what they want, they will love you that much more.