Making sure that a project stays on track, sometimes in the face of continual additions and requests for changes can be the greatest challenge faced by a project manager. If expectations have not been properly set from the very beginning with the client, the team and senior management, and there are no strategies in place to cope with last minute changes or requests, deadlines can end up suffering.

One good tip for project managers is to get involved early on. Senior management often sets expectations with no real consideration of the details involved in delivering, so it is crucial to take the time to work with senior management in the planning process in order to define vital measurable objectives on which everyone is in agreement with. If issues should arise, then at least project managers can go back to those objectives and check with management to see if delivering on them will be affected by these issues.

The more aware you are of what the goals of the project are really supposed to be, the better the chances are that a project manager will be able to assist their team to achieve them.