In the 21st century it seems social media is a part of everybody’s lives whether we like it or not. However some people have found that the way they behave on social media has had serious legal repercussions in real life.

Here are some helpful tips to avoid getting in trouble by misusing social networks.

One good tip is to never say anything on social media that you would be unwilling to say to someone in real life. Follow this tip and you will almost immediately avoid making mistakes that fall foul of laws governing bullying, discrimination and defamation.

This is also an excellent way to safeguard your future employment prospects. Behaving like a troll on Twitter, posting inappropriate photographs on Facebook and telling lies on LinkedIn is not likely to impress employers and could cost you dearly in the future.

You should also closely monitor your social media sites and respond quickly if anyone else makes inappropriate posts on any of your accounts.

Security and privacy settings allow you control who is allowed to post to your page in Facebook.