More than $5 billion was set aside for early education in the stimulus package signed by President Obama last month.  This can be help you start a daycare?

In California, $210 million will go toward improving Head Start and Early Head Start programs for low-income toddlers and students, while more than $220 million would enhance child care for infants and toddlers.

Stimulus money would also pay for more funding for in-depth training for current preschool educators.

“There are long waiting lists – 55,000 students in the state waiting for preschool,” said Scott Moore, senior policy adviser for Preschool California.

“We don’t have enough funding to provide publicly funded preschool to low-income kids, and we are not even including middle- and upper-income children,” he said.

Increased funding would help resolve those issues and make preschool or other early education more available to families.

Most other states are also receiving funding, in addition to California.

So you see, this is the PERFECT time to start your own child care business, and/or get funding to expand your services to more children.

The demand for quality care is high, the funds are increasing at the state & local level, and you are getting geared up to meet that demand by owning your own child care business.  So let’s get started.  If you want to know the very first step you should take, listen to this audio class that I gave back in November:

I look forward to your feedback, and to helping you get started.