tweetSocial media brings with it pluses and minuses but there are ways to make sure you can get the most out of it while not embarrassing yourself in the process.

One good tip is to develop your brand, which essentially just means thinking about the one sentence that defines you the best and carrying that with you through all of your online social media profiles.

It is also important to monitor your social media privacy. Even privacy settings are not always one hundred percent secure, particularly on sites that are continually changing them, such as Facebook.

Never use profanity on social media and think before you post or tweet. Freedom of speech is one thing, ending up as the next media headline because of needlessly causing offence is quite another.

It is important to remember that your social media comments can be seen by lots of people, including your college administrators, employers, parents and potential love interests. Do not say anything you would not be comfortable with all of these people seeing.