study (2)Everyone wants to learn something at one time or another, but not everybody is always aware of the best ways to learn and memorize. Today, however, researchers are making more and more breakthroughs when it comes to discovering better methods for helping people to learn and retain information.

One good tip is that re-reading the same material is actually less productive for memory and robust learning than trying to recall newly learned information just from memory instead. Students who are quizzed on the material that they have read or which they have been taught in class are also shown to have superior retention and learning than those who are just sent to review the same material over again.

Asking students to try to cope with a new kind of problem prior to giving them the solution also results in them having a better understanding of the nature of the solution than simply giving it to them straight away.

Many students believe that increased effort shows they are bad at learning, when in reality increased effort results in stronger learning and an increase in versatility when it comes to remembering or applying knowledge or skills at a later time.


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