Healthy eating is a crucial part of overall good health and there are some helpful nutrition tips for those people who would like to make it a priority to “eat clean.”

5One good tip is to eat more vegetables. Green veggies in particular are low on calories but very high in fiber and vitamins. You should also make a point to consume less sugar by putting a limit on the amount of candy and sodas and other sweet items that you eat and drink. Even flavored yogurt and canned tomato sauce contains a surprising amount of sugar.

You should also cut down on your intake of refined grains, which are more processed than is the case with whole grains and do not have the fiber and nutritional benefits. Substitute brown rice, quinoa or whole wheat for white rice, pasta and bread.

Staying away from packaged food that comes with a long list of ingredients as many of them are lacking in basic nutrients and they also tend to be high in sodium.