QUESTION: “Kris, how do I find out what the rules are in my state? Do I need to get a daycare license, and if so, how many children will I be allowed to enroll?”

ANSWER: Each state in the U.S., as well as each region or state in many other countries, has its own rules and regulations for child care businesses. If you are in the U.S., you can see your state’s rules by visiting our state-by-state guidelines, or for even more detailed information, visit the National Child Care Info Center and click on your state on the map. I recommend that you contact your state’s office for child care regulations and ask them questions about your specific situation. They will send you a packet of information on how to get licensed and the process for starting a daycare business in your state.

QUESTION: “Dear Kris – how do I get funding from grants & loans? How do I find out what child care grants are out there?”

ANSWER: The availability of child care grants varies widely by where you live. The best first step is to contact your state’s child care licensing office, and ask them how to get more information about what grant monies might be available. Most grant programs provide assistance to larger non-profit centers, and some for-profit centers, but it’s often hard to get funding for a home daycare. This is because it takes very little money out-of-pocket to start a home daycare business…usually around $1,000, depending on what you already own. You can get access to my Special Report on which foundations offer grant money, and how to get a low-interest loan, when you purchase the Daycare Success System.

QUESTION: “Kris, what kind of training is required for me to start a home daycare? Is there additional training required if I want to start a child care center?”

ANSWER: If you want to run a home daycare, most states only require CPR/First Aid training, and a high school diploma or equivalent. Some states may require you to get extra training in order to become licensed, but many do not. For both a home daycare and a center, I recommend that you get some type of business training, so you can be an effective & successful business owner. The more business-like you are, the more clients you will get and keep over the long term, and you will be more profitable. To get a great foundation in daycare business principles, consider a small investment in the Daycare Success System. Your return-on-investment will be immeasurable, and you will feel more confident as a business owner!

QUESTION: “What are the best ways for me to market & advertise my new business, in order to get enrollments quickly?”

ANSWER: I recommend that you create a business from the very beginning that is designed to keep a steady flow of customers in your funnel. The way to do this is create a child care business that specializes in a “niche” market that is untapped in your town or city. It could be religion-based, special needs, bilingual, second shift, drop-in care, organic meals, or some other special niche – whatever fits your personality that no one else is offering. Other ways to keep enrollments up are to use a customer referral program, direct marketing, Internet marketing, and community-based marketing and PR. In my Daycare Success System, I teach you these methods and more.

QUESTION: “Kris, how much money can I really make in this business?”

ANSWER: You can easily make $4,000 per month, or more. The average home daycare owner makes a gross income of $47,232 annually. And many of your expenses can be deducted – even your home heating bills and mileage. Using the “niche” marketing techniques discussed above, you can make even more.



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