Check out my family in this recent picture.  Can you pick out the one that doesn’t belong?  Yep, that’s my husband, die hard to his old team to the end.  Our family loves to dress up like this, and so do most kids, so have some fun with your local teams.

Check the schedule or the major sports teams in your town.  Find out when they are playing and what the major games may be. If you’re not sure, ask the dads of a couple of your kids, they’ll know.  Then plan a day or week around the team.

If your baseball team made the playoffs, have a baseball week with everyone wearing team colors on Friday.  You can have hot dogs and caramel corn (Cracker Jacks has peanuts) for lunch.

When your football team has a weekday game or major rivalry, have a football week.

Some great ideas of things you can do:

  • Use the sport to teach math and words.  Use the game as a basis for the learning.
  • Create art and projects around the game.  Think painting helmets or a hand print.
  • Use this as a great time to teach fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Teach the rules of the game.  Kids love to know how to play, so teach them.
  • Contact your sports team’s PR office and see if they can send you some “autographed” photos of players or the mascot.  Most teams have piles of these they will happily send to you.
  • If you live close to a major team, you might even consider a field trip to the stadium if you can set up a tour.

Opening DayActivities like this are a great way to grow your center and your brand. Children love sports and teams.  They will get excited as they get ready for the week and the dressing up at the end of the week they will be bouncing off the walls with happiness.

The kids and their parents will tell friends and neighbors about the sports week.  Now you will be the daycare on everyone’s mind.  Plus all the art work and other projects come home and to the office.  Yes the kids love it, but it is also another great way to show off and remind parents why you are the best place for their kids to be.