2014_05_heartA scientific review has found that childhood vaccines are safe and do not cause autism. Vaccines can cause some side effects but cancer, food allergies and autism are not among them, despite the allegations of a growing anti-vaccine movement.

The authors of the study found that while there have been a rarity of serious adverse reactions to vaccines, such isolated incidents pale beside the real protection that vaccines offer to children. Worried parents have been avoiding allowing their children to be vaccinated, resulting in disease. Canadian researchers have suggested that some vaccines such as measles, mumps and rubella can cause fever and seizures in rare instances – between one to five children in a hundred thousand – but despite the campaigners the new research found strong evidence to show there is no link between vaccines and autism and none of the adverse reactions found in the studies resulted in death.

Doctors continue to insist that parents need to vaccinate their children against disease for the sake of their and the community’s health.